Questions and Answers!

Word from Jamie MacKenzie
Hi! This is Jamie and I wanted to personally welcome you to my new comic! Weee! I feel really privileged to have something like this and really want to thank my fans and JJ for making it all possible. So I hope that you'll enjoy the new comic!
~ Jamie M.

If you like to tell Jamie a word of two, please E-MAIL JJ and I will forward the message to her. Please no stalker emails!

What is Rave Kitty about?

Rave Kitty is about a girl name Jamie MacKenzie and her kitten, Wiccan, having random quirks and adventures on about anything! Oh trying to prevent Italy and the other Lounge characters to ruin the day.This is also a PG-13 comic.

Why the name Rave Kitty?

Jamie in real life likes to party and dance and she loves cats! Put one and one together! Oh there will be much partying in this comic XD

Why Jamie?

Why not? She's turbo cute, lovable, and full of sugar! Plus she also a popular character in The Lounge.

Will other Lounge characters appear?

Yes, but only as cameos.

Will there be new characters and if so, will they also appear in The Lounge?

Yes but it will be kept to a minimal and no, they will not appear in The Lounge.

By John Joseco and Jamie MacKenzie
RAVE KITTY © 2004 JOHN JOSECO. All Rights Reserved. Do not take images without my permission! No leeching!
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