Welcome and enjoy the official works of Rave Kitty! Lots of Jamie, Wiccan, and the crazy cast! Please feel free to send comments! Thank you!

Aya Sheep and Italy Cow!


Want to draw the ever lovely Jamie? Go ahead, but there are some rules!


1. Do not draw her in the nude. Heck, do not draw her in a perverted way even if she is not nude.
2. No profanity! No showing use of drugs!
3. No addition of new characters with the fanart piece.
4. All fanart must be less than 120kb
5. Do your best and have fun!

Please send all fanart to fnjos@sbcglobal with the subject titled: RAVE KITTY FANART
Thank you!

Dawnie-Chan Jason Fairmount Poy Amanda Brewton <kittischatzi@cox.net> Slim ??? Kimberly Godwin Alexis Marie Alexis Marie
BlackKittyCat134 Mickey Phillip Robinson

By John Joseco and Jamie MacKenzie
RAVE KITTY © 2004 JOHN JOSECO. All Rights Reserved. Do not take images without my permission! No leeching!
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