Past News!

October 05, 2006
Retouched RK 66 and uploaded it already.

October 04, 2006

I'm revamping some parts of the RK site like the Cast Page. Ask Wiccan will be coming back once I make some changes and they're probably be some new RK art at the end of this month! Mew!

October 03, 2006
You in Rave Kitty?!

Yes you heard it right. Unlike The Lounge, there's more creative freedom in Rk where i can have everyone have big cute heads. It's pretty much will be one of the dozens of zany aliens that interact with Jamie on her adventure.

I might be opening submissions up at the end of this month so think about what you would be or be dressed as and what kind of personality you have.

So stay tuned!

September 12, 2006
I missed last week's update, but there will be a update this week. Mew.

August 06, 2006
Mew. Rave Kitty will update somewhere late tonight. I had to deal with some family issues. Thank you for your patience.

July 1, 2006
HAPPY CANADA DAY! MEEEW! Thank Canada for giving Jamie MachKenzie and all the other Canadian Kitties out there!

June 23, 2006
Feeling very very confident about updating RK on a regular basis. ^^

June 16, 2006

What!? An actual strip!? Yes! Yes there is! It's now going into grey-scale mode. So we are ending this arc to get ready for the new revamped RK story! Finally! ^^;;;

May 21, 2006
Stuck in Limbo? Nahhh...
Well they been stuck on Jan 01 for awhile now. Me and Jamie have been discussing how to end this arc and reinvent the comic....


Yeah. As in we'll have the same characters you know and love, but there will be a story and it'll be set in the
future. It will still be a once a week thing, but the comic will be grey-scaled this time to save time.

Look for the new Rave Kitty in the summer! MEW!

Happy NEW YEARS 2005
Hopefully I can start out fresh and take care of RK better. ;_; Mew!

November 15, 2005

So people been asking if RK is dead. It's not. It's just on hiatus for a little bit more. Be patient! Mew! We'll wrap this sucker yet!

August 23, 2005
I haven't forgotten about RK! We had a problem with one of the people portraying the characters so >.> Things will get back to normal on Friday, hopefully!

July 25, 2005

Kitties! RK's url has changed from

Yes the Keenspace url will point to the comicgenesis one, but please change it now because the Keenspace url will be expired in the of the year. Thank you!

July 19, 2005
We will be back with a normal schedule this Friday with a nice extra one on Saturday too!

July 14, 2005
Yes we are bad at updating RK lately ^^;;;; There will be some kind of update next week!

June 17, 2005
Well I took out having 50 updated on the 10th. I'm tyring to play catch up here, but i don't want to rush the RK's I changed Camille's face because it was really bothering me and I finally got around to doing just that. I might go back and recolor or add more colors to RK's that lack some depth. 50 will be up today and hopefully I can get 51. As I said, I don't rush these RK's Thank you.

June 10, 2005
Rave Kitties 49 will be updated today! :D

May 27, 2005
MEW! I didn't realize we'd hit 400K already! Time for another Thank you pic! This one will have all the gals ^_~ THANK YOU!!!

I forgot to mention that AW 20 marks 100 questions answered! So to celebrate! Wiccan has drawn something with her paws ^^;;; Thank you so much!

May 22, 2005
Could it be!? Ask Wiccan has finally updated from 19-22. The questions are from February and down.

May 21, 2005
Added Michael Natatchez's G&S to the links and affiliates ^^ It's cute and in color! Go check it out!

May 20, 2005
Oh we're back again! I try my best to keep this updated! Jamie and I are just a tad busy with other projects so... more updates this weekend. Hopefully.

April 25, 2005

Yes I missed 2 RK's so I'm gonna' make up those missing days! There will be 3 RK's this week! ^^

March 28, 2005
March 26, 2005
Bad me! No gallery update! On the 28th is Jamie's Birthday! So to celebrate it I am updating RK on Monday with a colored strip and the rest of the days will be b/w strips of RK XD Yes! 5 RK DAYS @_@ So I will be working Sunday to get it all done! MEW!

March 19, 2005
RK will be updated on Sunday night. And I really will tackle that Fanart Section! It's been mocking me because I won't update as I said I would!

March 04, 2005
RK will be updated way later tonight or early Saturday! I have a party to attend to.

February 18, 2005

Yes Ask Wiccan has updated finally! Glad to have it back ^^ There was a lot of questions and we will answer most of them ^^ Fanart will be updated shortly.

February 14, 2005
Happy Valentine's Day! Gah! I was out all weekend and Jamie was trying to tell me of an error in the dialogue! Everythings fixed now and the return of Ask Wiccan will be on Friday! Please send questions for Wiccan to answer! Thank you!

February 04, 2005
RK will be updated today! If you ever played Katamari Damancy, then you'll see why it's taking a bit to finish! XD
Laaaa! La! La! La! Laa! La! La! Laaa!

February 03, 2005
As of now The Lounge is back on Keenspace at! Be sure to update your bookmarks!

January 21, 2005
We are back! We are so back! I am back, Jamie's back. Only thing that needs to be back is Ask Wiccan! But I am updating every Friday once again! RK4EVER!

December 22, 2004
We are not back as you can see! I have been having personal problems. We are having a Christmas RK special. We will see what will happen to poor Cow Jamie and if her booty will get branded. So just sit tight and there will be a lot of special things. Thank you.
(Never happened -__- Sorry folks)

November 18, 2004
We are back! I was experimenting with just using pencils and coloring that. It was just a test! Plus a new AW tonight! We do need more questions for Wiccan! Give her some tough or silly questions! Enjoy!

November 17, 2004
You may have noticed the lack of updates. Jamie told me to rest a bit with RK and so that's what I did. Rave Kitty will resume this Friday in all it's cute goodness!

October 31, 2004
Working on a nice little Wiccan b-day pic tonight! Will also have the next RK done tommorow as well! Ask Wiccan has been updated! More e-mails appreciated! Happy Halloween! Soo much to do! Also Please visit my new site but, enter at your own risk! The banner can tell you all about it.

Thong Revolution!

October 25, 2004
Yikes! Finally! Ask Wiccan has updated! AW will update again this Friday! Now to work on the fanart page!

October 22, 2004
Yes there are a lot of delays. I am working on the successor to Gal Heaven which will open up next week! Ask Wiccan and fanart will be updated tonight!

October 15, 2004

Rave Kitty will be delayed a day. Thank you!

October 08, 2004
Oh Jamie had a pet peeved about Fable ^^; Ask Wiccan will update tonight!

October 01, 2004

Ahhh! Mewtember is Wiccan's special month! We shall mark Wiccan's birthday on Halloween! RK Halloween Party pics will be posted on that special day XD! Like to contribute? Just send in Wiccan fanart!

Also as I said! The Fan Art Gallery has been updated! Very special thanks to Alexis Marie, BlackKittyCat134, Mickey, and Phillip Robinson! If there were some I forgot please e-mail me. Sometimes my e-mail will filter stuff it shouldn't >_<.

September 25, 2004
A second wallpaper has been added to the Omake Section! Thank you all for your support! Please link us!

Yes we hit 200K a couple of days ago! So I hope you enjoyed the 200K pic ^^ The 200K pic is part of the Comic Archive. I have some fanart to upload next week! Thank you!!!

September 23, 2004
RK wasn't updated last week(due to mini-vacation) and it will be delayed a day because I am treating someone on their birthday XD! Thank you for your patience. Oh, but Ask Wiccan will be updated!

September 10, 2004
RK will be delayed a day, but Ask Wiccan has been updated! Stay tuned! Mew!
August 27,2004
Okay! I'm waiting for more fanart to update the FanArt section. I do have a RK pic for the Gallery and a WALLPAPER in the OMAKE section! Check it out! Also! Keep those Ask Wiccan e-mails going! That cat needs to get to work!

August 20, 2004
Ask Wiccan is updated!

Late RK (by a few hours) More stuff to update tonight including a new Ask Wiccan and bonus pics in the Omake! Stay tune and help us make Rave Kitty a happening place! Oh! Suggestions and linkage is appreciated it too! Stay tuned

August 13, 2004
Ack! It's Friday the 13th! Hey! Wiccan's a black cat! Ack! I didn't realize I could have done a Friday the 13th strip but, then, Jamie would be scared @_@

August 06, 2004
It's been month since Ask Wiccan has been updated, but now we are back on schedule and lots of e-mails to answer! Thank you all for the kitty support! MEW!!!!!

July 30, 2004
We are finally back! MEW! Ask Wiccan updates tonight and a bunch other things! :3

June 21, 2004
Ack! Big delay, but RK is updated today! Enjoy!

June 18,2004
Rave Kitty has been postponed for a day or two! Stay tooned!

June 11,2004
As always there is a new Ask Wiccan every Friday XD!

May 28, 2004
I'm staffing at PMX today through Monday (Memorial Day) So today's strip is a nice pin-up of our lovely kitten as Hibana from Sega's Nightshade game! New Ask Wiccan and a new fanart from Kim is up! Mew!

May 24, 2004
Rave Kitty hit 100k on Saturday nite and here is a gift pic in the Omake Section to express my thanks!

May 23, 2004

Ah it's great news to see that the Japanese are looking at RK at which seems to be a spinoff of 2chan. Just saw this week's RK posted and even translated in Japanese @_o! Here's the screenshot!

May 21, 2004
As always! Ask Wiccan is updated every Friday! Don't afraid to ask her!

May 19, 2004

Got Flash 6? Watch the Turbo Kitty!

May 14, 2004
First edition of Ask Wiccan is up! Wiccan would like to express her thanks to all the fans who e-mailed her! Don't worry even some old ones will be posted in future AWs!

Ask Wiccan!

May 08, 2004
Forgot to add the OMAKE Section. You can find it on the upper right corner! Finally added the 50k Hits Pic! Enjoy and thank you!

May 07,2004
Alrighty! A new feature! Scroll down to learn more!

April 30,2004

Alrighty folks! Cast Page has been updated with Chibi Max! Help support Rave Kitty! Either by telling your friends, linking to us, or voting! Mew! We really love to see RK reach Kitty Heaven! XD

Vote for Rave Kitty! Vote for Rave Kitty!

We sure could use more fanart too! Fixed all the links!

April 23, 2004
YES! RK has its own Keenspace domain! Hooray for the Kitties!

April 09, 2004
Welcome back, Jamie! We missed you and the strips can resume back to normal XD!

April 05, 2004
I know it's been so long! Jamie was sick and I couldn't do this without her! RK resumes this FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

Feb 18,2004

Site Work in Progress!

Feb 16, 2004
Yes! This is the new home for Rave Kitty and yeah it's on my old Lounge account! Hope it works out well! Now it can be a seperate entity!

Feb 13, 2004
Ooooh! Friday the 13th! No that will not damp Thanks to Slim and to this one girl for their Fan Art! Please e-mail me if you recognize your art. I can match you with the e-mail. Thanksen the spirit of this early Valentine's pic!

Jan 29, 2004
Thanks to Amanda Brewton for Wiccan Fan Art!

Jan 29, 2004

Thanks to Jason Fairmount, Dawnie-Chan, and Poy for their Fan Art contributions! Congratulations RK! We have reached 10k in visits! Check out the 10K thank you pic in the OMAKE section!

Jan. 16, 2004
Hey all! Welcome to the first Rave Kitty strip! I hope you enjoy this as much as I had making it. Support the kitty crew!

By John Joseco and Jamie MacKenzie
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